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Peace of mind for your business.

For business owners in Melbourne, a secure roller door is non-negotiable, so if yours is slowing down operations or even letting thieves inside your business, it’s time for commercial overhead door repair in Melbourne. At Aus Garage Repairs, we work with garage doors of all sizes, at homes and in large industrial businesses, so no job is too big for us.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll have your roller doors repaired or replaced in no time, so getting back to business, as usual, is as easy as ever.



In the world of business, we know that slowdowns aren’t an option, so our ‘get it done’ attitude means you’re in good hands. We work on rapid assessments, onsite ordering of new materials and fast replacements and repairs. If it can be done in a day, you’ll be able to rest assured it will be! After a quick phone call, you’ll be on the way to a new overhead door in Melbourne.

Unlike our competitors, we know industrial doors. We’ve worked for years in the industry, and that means working with a range of different industrial overhead doors and roller doors. We understand how these doors work from the inside out, so a repair and replacement is entirely routine for us – making the process stress-free and affordable for our commercial customers.
A number of our customers come to us with two issues, their door has stopped working, or its beginning to stop working. This means we’ve worked on all tasks from minor repairs to major ones and can easily spot the difference. If your door needs replacing rather than repairing, we’ll know almost immediately. Leave the repair and assessment to the experts, and you’ll have an effortless repair process.
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Old and New Repairs

A good majority of our commercial customers have had their doors in place for decades and are unaware of the brand or make of the door. Although this might seem like an issue when it comes to repairs, it really isn’t. We’ll be able to take a look, determine the door’s make and model and have a new one ordered in no time. With our team, commercial overhead door repair in Melbourne is effortless.

Preventative Solutions

There’s no reason to wait for a door to break before giving us a call. We can take a look and determine whether it’s worth saving, or if having an entirely new roller door system installed is your best and most affordable option. Much like the dentist, if you leave it until it’s too late, it might cost you a whole lot more.

Ongoing Services

For those businesses who use their roller doors hundreds of times a day, we’re here to offer routine services to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. It’s not in your business’s best interest to sit and wait for a door to fail, so keeping it serviced and a professional eye on it could save you thousands of dollars in the short and long terms.

What our customers say

“Our business needed a new industrial garage door immediately and with one call to Easy we had it installed in less than a day. Happy with the work quality and price.”

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How we help 

At Aus we know how crucial your industrial garage door is to your Melbourne business? Here are some of the ways we help:

Need it now? Aus Garage Door Emergency Repair is always available!


Keeping your industrial garage door serviced is one of the most important jobs we do. Like everything, garage doors age – this leads to a number of costly problems from loose springs to dying motors. Regular servicing helps avoid future problems.


Are you tired of your old, malfunctioning or ugly commercial door? Spruce up your business and replace your industrial garage door today. Easy can have your door installed in less than 1 day!


Industrial Garage doors take a lot of wear and tear. And (unless regularly services) it’s common that they eventually break down. That where our pros come in. We provide quick, effective and affordable repairs in Melbourne. Don’t be stuck!

Maintaining Warranty

Did you know most industrial garage doors come with comprehensive warranties? Which is great for your Melbourne business unless it becomes void. Avoid this by having your door routinely checked maintained.

Additional FAQs

Will you take long to start?

No. We understand how important it is for our commercial customers to get back to business, and because of this, we make it a top priority to get started within a couple of hours after a phone call. Be sure to let us know the moment you’re having an issue with your roller doors, and we can be on-site within just an hour or two.

How long do repairs take?

In a commercial setting, this will depend on the size of your roller doors; however, we can typically have an entire project completed within a day or two. If new roller doors are required to be ordered, or if old ones need to be thoroughly repaired, the process could take longer – though one of our staff will let you know what the timeline is.

Is the repair or replacement expensive?

For commercial overhead door repair in Melbourne, you could be looking at between $500 and $1,500 for a typical repair. However, a more accurate price will need to be determined once one of our team members takes an in-depth look at precisely what needs to do. You could be dealing with a far cheaper repair than you first thought.

Are ongoing services comprehensive?

Of course. Our ongoing maintenance services are there to ensure all of our commercial customers have their roller doors operational at all times. We are here to determine whether issues are about to arise and work to prevent them. This could save you from locking delivery trucks out of the building, or leaving your business exposed to thieves in the evening.

Do you offer comprehensive quotes?

Yes. For our commercial customers who may have huge repair jobs, we offer a comprehensive look into your up-and-coming repair process. Our commercial overhead door repair in Melbourne will be detailed in our quote, which will give you an in-depth look at what’s about to unfold and why we have selected a specific cost.

Easy Garage Repairs Melbourne are proud to offer you the best service, price and expertise our city can offer. Our team services every brand and every type of garage and roller door and will have yours fixed in no time!


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