Garage Door Spring Replacement Melbourne

No matter where you are – we’ll repair your door springs today! 

Do You Need garage door springs?

Without a doubt, the garage door spring is one of the most essential parts of your door, so a garage door spring replacement in Melbourne might be just what you need to fix a broken roller door. These springs are highly dangerous if worked on by anyone other than a professional, so be sure to give the Aus Garage Repair team a call.

We’ll be on-site right away to determine whether your garage door springs are Torsion or Extension springs, and we’ll work on a fix.




From spending decades in the field, all of our team members know precisely how garage door springs work, and how best to service, repair and replace them when things go wrong. Having worked in garage door repairs for so long, we also know just how to get on with fixing any brands of door springs, thus giving us a call is the easiest and fastest way to a fix.

There aren’t too many at-home or DIY fixes that are highly dangerous, though garage door springs do become extremely hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing. A spring might come unclasped or break during a DIY repair and seriously injure someone. We’re Melbourne’s experts who know just how to deal with these safety issues, so leave the work to us.
As you may know, we’re one of Melbourne’s favourite garage door repair teams, and this is down to our effortless repair process. After a quick assessment, we’ll know what we need to get on with the job, to make a few orders and be back to fix your garage springs. It may take just a few hours or only a day or two, though either way, you’ll have your garage door back in action in no time at all.
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Get your Garage or Roller Door repaired today!

Aus Garage Repairs are a Melbourne company, born and bred. 

Affordable Replacement Parts

Leaving your garage spring repairs to our team will ensure you’re easily able to save on your repairs. We take the hard work out of finding a great deal, so all you’ll need to do is watch us work with our partners to get the most affordable replacement garage door torsion spring for you. You and your bank will thank us, and it’s our pleasure.

A Quick Turnaround

We understand that the garage is a major weak point when it comes to home security, especially if it can’t be closed. As a result, we make it a top priority to complete our entire services within just a few hours. Our assessments and other processes are undertaken almost immediately, so we can get on with sourcing new materials and installing them. You’ll have a door that closes in no time at all.

A Reliable Repair

There’s nothing worse than having to call a team back when a repaired door suddenly breaks, so we’re committed to ensuring this never happens with us. Once our certified expert repair people have completed at your home, we undertake a final assessment to ensure everything’s in working order, and this is the last time you’ll need to see us. Our materials, workmanship, and experience ensure the job’s done right every time.

What our customers say

“My Garage Door stopped working one day and I had no idea why! Called Rapid and they told me the garage door spring was broken. They replaced it and got it working in no time! Great work guys.”

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Common Problems

Whether it’s old or rusted there are a number of problems our customers find with garage door springs:

Need your springs replaced now? Rapid Garage Door Emergency Repair is here to help!

Out of balance springS

Is your door making noise when opening and closing? This is a common problem that can be caused when garage door springs are out of balance. And trust us, it’s not going to get better on it’s own. 

Loosened springs

One of the man issues with garage door springs is that they lose tension over years. This eventually causes garage door failure. That’s when you need a pro to help get them back on track.

loosened spring brackets

When it comes to Melbourne garage doors it’s not always just the springs. The housing or brackets can also loosen over time, which leads to noise, slowness and even failure. 

Spring replacement

Sometimes a garage door spring gets warn out and simply needs replacing. When this occurs it’s important that an expert takes care of the job to stop any faults happening during the replacement. 

Additional FAQs

Why can’t I do this myself?

As you may expect, the garage door spring is a highly dangerous component of your door. This spring is wound extremely tight and can come loose if tampered with by those who are experienced in repairing it. It is highly recommended that you seek the advice and the expertise of one of our team members when dealing with a garage door spring.

Can you install new springs?

Of course, our team is experienced in installing new garage door springs, so getting your garage door working one small won’t be too difficult at all. We also offer maintenance services that take a look at garage door springs if you would like more insight into what could be wrong with your door.

Is a garage door spring replacement expensive?

No. We aim to keep our replacements as affordable as possible, and you can expect your spring replacement to rest between $100 and $200. If the process is unexpectedly complicated, you may be left with a higher bill, though this is not very likely.

How long does the process take?

Because our professional teams have a wealth of experience in repairing and replacing garage door springs, you can expect the entire process to be done within just an hour, sometimes less depending on the size of the garage door and the state of the springs.

Do you offer free quotes or quotes in general?

Absolutely. You can give us a call, and we will have one of our team members arrive on-site to take a look at your garage door springs. They will let you know precisely what is required to repair the spring and will make sure your garage door spring replacement in Melbourne is as seamless as possible.