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As you know, we all use our garage door hundreds or even thousands of times a year, so expecting it to run flawlessly for a decade without a garage door service might be a little too optimistic. If you’re starting to notice your door is closing a little slower, or becoming stuck, then it’s time to give the Aus Garage Repair team a call.

We’re the one-stop team for all things garage doors, and we’re sure to get to the root of a problem at the lowest price.


We Work with All Roller Doors

We understand that there are hundreds of different roller door brands and designs out there, all with their own unique problems. You can rest assured that no matter complex, or generic your door is, we have the skill to service it. From our residential knowledge to commercial knowledge, we’re to help you out with garage door services in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Experts
It’s important to us that our customers get the best roller door service at all times, so we’ve made sure that all of our team members are licensed and well-informed of just what to do. You can rely on all of our staff have the proper training so that you can leave everything to them. We know what to do, so sitting back and relaxing while we get on with garage door service and repair is undoubtedly possible with us.
On the Road and Ready
Whether you need a fix at the last minute, or during the night, give us a call. We know that having a jammed door and exposing all of your garage contents is not ideal, so we make it our mission to get to your home as soon as we can, with everything we need. We’ll have your garage serviced and working again in no time so that you can move on with your day or night.
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What our customers say

“After getting home in the evening, my garage doors locked up and were refusing to close. I did everything I thought to do, which included turning off the power. Nothing prevailed, and leaving the garage door open all night was not an option. We decided to call Aus Garage Repair, and thankfully the emergency service contractor was on hand. They arrived, tinkered with the garage opener, and had everything in working order within a few minutes.”

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Common Problems

Not sure if you need Garage Door Servicing? Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Need it repaired now? Aus Garage Repair is here to help!

Garage Doors Age

Like everything in your house, garage doors age – the only problem is that it’s easy to forget! From a build-up of rust to housing and motor issues there is a number of things that we can fix now to stop a disastrous fault.

Loose fittings

Did you know a garage door is used around 1000 times a year?? With all of these vibrations it’s easy for parts to become loosened over time. Don’t let it catch you unaware – an expert eye is critical to spotting these issues.

Slowing motor

Over time a garage or roller door motor will slow – putting added strain on the chains and springs. The cause of this is usually a build up a rust and weakening of fixings. Call now and avoid replacing your motor.

Maintain your warranty

Most new garage doors come with great warranties – however this can become void if you’re not getting regular Melbourne garage door services.  Don’t lose out on your warranty, get your door serviced today.

Additional FAQs

Do you provide free quotes?

Of course, we offer upfront pricing to all of our customers. We’ll need to have one of the team take a look at your garage door, though this won’t take too long. We may charge a small fee if an in-depth analysis of an issue is required, however.

What if my garage door breaks after work hours?

You can still reach out to us. We offer emergency services if you’ll be dealing with an open garage door throughout the night. One of our team will be at your home or workplace in no time to take a look and work on a repair or fix for you.

How long does it take to repair a roller door?

Typically most roller door repairs can be completed within a few moments. Our expert repairmen have a wealth of experience and generally know right where to look and repair when an issue occurs. What this means is that a door could be fixed within just an hour, or sometimes less.

Is there a rough cost outline?

Yes. Although the price will depend on your unique circumstances, you can expect your repair to fall into the $150 to $500 range. For larger roller doors, over $500 may need to be expected.

Are you new doors covered by warranty?

Of course. All of the doors and materials we install into your garage door will be certified and covered by warranty, so if there’s an issue, a repair or replacement won’t cost you a cent – provided your new garage doors in Melbourne were used correctly.