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We know a garage door is a central focal point of your home, along with being an essential utility component, so if your door isn’t working, a garage door replacement in Melbourne is vital. If you’re having issues opening and closing the door, or if someone’s hit it with the car and ruined it, we’re here to help out.

We offer services from measuring to the installation of a new roller garage door that won’t break the bank and will leave your home with an entirely new look.



Our team understands just how complicated a garage door replacement may be, so we make sure you can leave everything to us. Whether you’re looking to have a new door installed, an entire system, or some new garage replacement panels, you can leave it all to Aus Garage Repair in Melbourne


As we know, a garage door takes up a large portion of your home’s facade, meaning it will need to look good and blend well with its surroundings. To help you decide on a new garage door replacement, we offer fantastic design consulting services. All you’ll need to do is have a chat with us, and we’ll let you know which style, colour and unlatching technology will best suit your home.


One primary reason we’re so loved in Melbourne is thanks to our fantastic material partners and business connections. If you have a brand, style or unique garage door in mind, you’ll be able to rest assured we’re able to get our hands on it. A quick call to our local and international suppliers will have your products in our hands in no time.




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Perth Garage doors installation and replacement.Workers installing lifting system
Perth Garage doors installation and replacement.Workers installing lifting system

Colour and Style To Match Your Home

Our team is knowledgable, efficient and committed to making garage door replacement a breeze. 

Because of our experience and passion for garage doors our Melbourne team can also act as design consultants – helping you create and design your replacement. We have access to all the best and cutting edge designs from the world’s best brands.   

So don’t put up with an old, tired, noisy and ugly garage door – call Aus Garage Repair today and add a garage door installation to your property or business deserves. All done with the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Melbourne‘s best garage door replacement specialists. 


Get your Garage or Roller Door repaired today!

Aus Garage Repairs are a Melbourne company, born and bred. 

Quick Turnaround

There’s no point sitting and waiting for weeks or even months for a team to replace a garage door when we do it within just a few days. If you’re having trouble with a noisy, stuck or spontaneous garage door, give us a call, and we’ll be with you in no time. Our expert team members will assess, order and replace your door after just a single meeting.

Affordable Replacements

If a repair isn’t on the cards for your door, for several reasons, you don’t have to break the bank to replace it. We have a number of offers and prices that will suit any budget, so giving the team at Aus Garage Repair a call will ensure your bank stays intact. We might even be able to get our hands on off-the-market deals for you.

Decades of Experience

To make our services even more attractive, we offer the skill of maintenance specialists with years in their craft. Whatever you’re looking to do, even a garage door cable replacement, you can rest assured our team has done almost exactly that many times over. What this means for you is a fast, affordable and reliable garage door replacement in Melbourne.

What our customers say

 5 Star

“Thank you very much for helping us when we accidentally drove our rental car into the garage. Very embarrassing! They were able to come out that day though. We were staying at a friends place just around the corner from Joondalup shops.”

5 Star Rview for Garage door installation in Perth

Amy Chen, Joondalup

“My garage door stopped working one day and I was completely stuck – Thought it would take a while because I’m out in Joondalup but the guys at Easy Garage Repair came out that morning and had it fixed with no fuss. ”

5 Star Rview for Garage door specialists in Perth

Sean, Ocean Reef

Why replace your door?

Whether it’s old or ugly or broken – there are a number of reasons to replace your garage door.

Need it replaced now? We’re here to help!

Broken door

Is your garage door just not working? Even the best garage doors have a limited lifespan. So why not let us upgrade your door to something that will make your property shine?


One of the man issues with ageing garage doors is that they start to become noisey. Save your eardrums by replacing it with a whisper quite new door today. 

Tired looking

There’s nothing worse than putting time, effort and money into your house or commercial property just to have it spoilt by an ugly garage door. Match your style with an upgrade to something beautiful!


As a garage door ages it can become a hazard. Especially if it isn’t regularly serviced. Failed springs and broken motors mean an old garage door can be dangerous to you and your loved ones.  

Additional FAQs

Is an entire replacement expensive?

No. We work hard to secure deals and discounts with our suppliers, which means when paired with our affordable install, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $1,000 to $1,700 for a replacement.

How long does the process take?

The process does not typically take too long; however, there will be a day or two of preparation which will involve the ordering of the new garage door and the assessment of your site. One of our team members will order a new door matching you are requirements and have it ready to install within a day or two.

Can I choose the replacement door or make a request?

Of course, all of the design and other aspects of the replacement is entirely up to you. If you would like to match the door to your existing home or change the look of your street appeal, you can do that by speaking with one of our design consultants.

Will I need to collect or purchase the door myself?

No. Our team will take care of everything from the ordering, collection and the installation of the new garage door. All you need to do is have your say on the design, and sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

Is the new door insured or covered by warranty?

Yes. All of our new garage doors and the installation itself are insured and covered by warranty, what this means is that if there are any issues in the future, or you need a repair or a garage door replacement in Melbourne, you won’t be forced to pay hefty repair fees.