About Us

With experienced technicians and decades of work, we are always here to offer Melbourne professional quality garage door services.

Our story

At Aus Garage Repair, we’re proud to say we’ve become one of Melbourne’s leading garage repair services for both residential and commercial customers. We’ve worked hard to develop an array of affordable services for our customers whether they need replacement services, maintenance, ongoing support or repairs.

We’re aware of just how essential garage doors and commercial roller doors are to home and business’s security, and because of this, we make it our leading priority to get our jobs done as quickly and reliably as possible. We go through several processes that ensure we know exactly what’s wrong with a door, what we’ll need to fix it, and how to get a product for the most affordable price.


If you’re in search of a garage door repair team who knows the ropes, then our four decades in the industry will have you covered. We truly believe we’ve seen it all, and because of this, we know exactly how to make sure a job is undertaken correctly.
Our commitment to getting the job done right the first team means that we’re using our years of experience in a practical way, and as a result, saving our customers a whole lot of money and stress. If you’re looking to have a garage door repaired in a way that is certainly not going to cause an issue again, give the team at Aus Garage Repair a call.


Over the past decade, there have been some rather amazing changes to garage doors that go beyond just utility. From smartphone apps to next-gen electric motors, things have seemingly become a little more complicated – but not for us. At Aus Garage Repair, we’ve helped shape the future of garage doors and roller door installation, and because of this, we know exactly how to fix the latest and greatest.


From our far-reaching experience, through to our track record, our customers know we’re the best of the best. We always get the job done right, we save our customers money, and we make sure their issues never rear their heads again.
– We’re the experts here in Melbourne
– We have fantastic partners with suppliers
– Our suppliers offer us great deals, and we pass those on to you
– All our staff are certified to undertake all work from repairs to electrical
– We work with commercial and residential customers.
As you can see, we’re the most well-rounded team in Melbourne when it comes to garage door repairs, and if you’d like to see the most stress-free and seamless service, be sure to give us a call the next time your garage door gives you an issue.


Our incredible services don’t stop at great prices and effortlessness. If you’re having an issue outside of work hours, we’re still here to help! Whether it’s early morning or late at night, don’t leave your garage stuck open! Give us a call, and we’ll be onsite and ready to help in no time.
Man installing a garage door after garage door repair in Perth Western Australia

Our doors provide security, privacy and aesthetic appeal to homes and businesses. Let Us Help You.